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Release Your Pension CASH: Any Age Any Pension

Pension Release Benefits:

  • Release Cash From ANY Pension
  • Release Cash ANY Age
  • Release Cash Under 55
  • Pay off any debts or Bills
  • Buy yourself a New Car
  • Treat yourself to a holiday
  • Pay off your rent or mortgage
  • Pay for a wedding
  • Have Cash paid into your bank

Release Your Pension CASH: Any Age Any Pension

Pension Release Benefits:

  • Release Cash From ANY Pension
  • Release Cash ANY Age
  • Release Cash Under 55
  • Pay off any debts or Bills
  • Buy yourself a New Car
  • Treat yourself to a holiday
  • Pay off your rent or mortgage
  • Pay for a wedding
  • Have Cash paid into your bank

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pension release

Pension Release:

You can release cash from your pension, but there is a  host of other options available also. Pension Services is here to help you discover the different types of release options that are available to you. Each option will be presented to you dependent on your situation or criteria, and in many cases it is possible to release a cash lump sum. Contact our Pension Services team today and we can talk through the process. When you retire you are given a fixed sum of money that is paid on a regular basis,  and this is your pension. Many UK customers are not entirely sure how to release their pension, but in reality there are many routes that are now available due to the way pensions in the UK have changed, and evolved in the past 12 months.

Here is some of the help available via our pension release services:

How much cash can you release via our unique service ? Contact us today and we can tell how much cash you can release, and what exactly are your options….Use the form at the top right of the website.

Can you release cash in your pension under 55?

Yes. You can cash in your pension before the age of 55, but you would more than likely have to pay a large tax bill that could be as much as 55%. Although if you can wait till you are 55 or older then you could take 25% tax free from your pension.

If you still want to take a cash payment from your pension under 55 please bear in mind that you could face a large tax bill as well as potential charges. We can talk through this with you during your free pension review. We can explain the charges and tax implications if you want to cash your pension before 55. There maybe reduced tax you pay if you want to cash your pension before 55 if you face the following; Bad health, death planning or other unfortunate circumstances that are out of your control.

We can provide your with a FREE CASH PENSION REVIEW and explain to you all the charges and other tax implications. Contact us today for more information.

Early Pension Release:

Early pension release is when money is taken out of your pension plan before you retire. You never know when you may have to take funds out of your pension, and you may not plan to take any funds from your pension until you retire, but then you find yourself in a financial crisis… So using a personal pension to help withdraw money from your pension may be your best bet, as well as a good option for you. There are many ways in which you can withdraw money from your pension, some methods are legal and some are not illegal –  so it is very important to know what you can and cannot do!  We can help you with that and explain the options to you in more detail. If are older than 55 then you can legally take money from your personal pension fund. However, if you are under 55 and you need to take a cash lump sum then contact us today to discuss what we can do for you. We have a range of options that will allow you to possibly withdraw or release your pension fund. Contact us today for further help. If releasing cash from your pension is something you want to do then contact our team today, you can talk to us about the various options available to you, and see which one is more suited to you.

Release Your Pension:

Some people call it pension releasing while others call it pension unlocking. Whichever one you know it to be, it means the same thing. Releasing your pension or some times it is know as; ‘unlocking’ simply refers to the means of taking out money from your pension scheme(s) any time before you retire. This could be done either in a legitimate way which can result you paying a higher tax rate, but you need to be very careful because there are companies that may provide a fraudulent route of releasing your pension.

Release your pension early

To help release your pension in general or to actually release your pension early then the main UK pension companies in UK where your pension policy maybe held are listed below. Check with your pension provider to see if you can release your pension early, some pension polices and companies may not allow you to do this….

Release your pension early companies

If you do a online search and search the words: ‘List of pension companies’ you should be able to obtain a list of pension companies quite easily. Once you have found your pension companies you should then be able to contact them directly and ask them to send you a pension statement or view information online about your pension. Then you can find out what your pension release options are and more importantly to you, you can then ask if you can release your pension early…..

Companies that can release your pension:


The new pension rules mean that individuals are now able to release their pension. In this new rule, you are legally allowed to access the money you have in your pension scheme(s) only if you are above the age of 55. However, there are channel and methods in which you can release your pension earlier but this can result in a high tax bill. In the event that you are under the age of 55, the only criteria for you to access your pension funds is on health grounds (poor health status). This new rule has given “pension liberation scammers” who affirm that they know how to release pension early the opportunity to exploit the innocent, ignorant and people who do not fully understand the pension release rules. Pension scammers will tell you they can help you with your pension when you are below 55 or your retirement age. The UK government can impose huge taxes and other charges for “helping” you to release your pension before your retirement age.


There is a lot of noise and media attention going around on pension releasing at the moment. Some information and adverts by scammers are misleading and talk about knowing how to release pension early….Be informed and be careful when dealing with 3rd party release websites. We have provided a downloadable link below about; ‘pension liberation’ to help keep you informed!
The following are signs to know that you may be dealing with a scam:

• When you either receive unsolicited phone calls or text message or when approached all of a sudden by an individual(s).
• When a pension adviser seem forceful and speaks confidently about knowing how to break the rules and regulations guiding the pension scheme (claiming to know how to take the back door to access your money)
• When anyone tries to convince you that he or she can assuredly help you access your pension without paying a tax bill.
• When a company suggests to offer you a cashback, saving advance or a loan from your pension, take to your heels!!!
• When reference is made to new investment techniques, oversea investment or loopholes. This clearly fraudulent.
Don’t fall prey to these folks. Wait until you are allowed to before opting for a pension release.


You maybe able to release your cash from your pension before 55, but you could face a 55% tax bill! The normal retirement age varies and is determined by different factors which could be due to personal or work related reasons. However, when it comes to pension release, the age at which you are permitted to take out money from your pension is determined by the rules governing your workplace, stakeholder or personal pension scheme including the date in which the pension started. Generally, retirement age is often between 60 or 65 although it could be lower than that. From a legal perspective, you are permitted to access your pensions from the age of 55 although some schemes do not allow this; hence, you will have to transfer your pension to another scheme before you can access your money. Speak to your pension trustee, administrator or employer to know what options are available for you to opt in.


These are two different things entirely. The fact that you are 55 or above does not automatically guarantee that pension releasing is the best decision to take. You could make a decision for a releasing a pension once you are about 55 and above but there is a tendency that you may be doing this for the wrong reason. So if you have not yet gotten to your retirement age (and even if you have) and you are considering dipping your hand into your pension pot, we will advise you give response to the following ten questions:

1) What penalties will I have to pay if I do a take early release now?
2) What will be the cost to hire an adviser?
3) What are the continuing charges that may apply to my pension releasing?
4) Could I possibly find other alternatives to getting the money I seek?
5) What are the charges attached to my early pension release?
6) Must I try to get the money out by all means possible?
7) What will be amount of retirement money I will be getting now (for those below the age of retirement) and what will be its value if I leave all the money until I reach my retirement age?
8) Will the little money which will be coming as income be enough to cater for your living costs?
9) Do you have a knowledge of how your pension scheme works? If you do not know how it works, you could be signing up for a miserable retirement years if you release your pension early even though you are qualified.
10) For an early pension release, what are the penalties involved?
It is imperative that you consult with a competent financial adviser. They know better than you. They know the rules and will be helpful in recommending the best action plan for you. If you are considering releasing your pension without advice, then it means you have minimal protection and if you things turn out badly, say you fall into the hands of scammers, you will have to bear the loss alone and this may spell doom for your finance.

Pension release or Pension unlocking permits you to take a portion of your pension before you attain the age of retirement. If your scheme is a final-salary type, then you will have to transfer your funds to a personal pension before completing the transaction. You may decide to take 25% of your pension fund in form of a tax-free lump sum while you use the rest to purchase an annuity or you may decide take an income from your fund as the needs arises. Otherwise, after taking your 25% tax-free lump sum, you could invest the remainder of your pension then plan to buy an annuity sometime in the future. On the other hand, Pension liberation is a situation whereby the whole of your pension fund is converted into money. Legally, it impossible to liberate your whole pension fund before you reach your retirement age. So any company that claims to be able to assist you with this is nothing but a scam. People between the age of 60 – 75 may be able to access their funds via the “trivial communication rules” if their total pension funds are valued at £18,000 or less. However, they should be prepared to lose three-quarter of this to income tax.  Likewise, you may be able to collect your own pension contributions back if you leave your employer after less than two years of service. Conversely, do not expect to receive your employer’s contributions and certainly, you will be will be taxed on the amount you receive.


1. Amount totaling more than £10,000 could be lost in taxes and fees
This is the deal. If you are going to be having a pension liberation before you are 55, be ready to lose 25% of your pension as this is sometimes viewed as an unauthorized payment. If you choose to wait to be 55 or over, you will not be charged in any way and accessing your pension will be totally tax-free. So you can decide to pay or avoid a heavy tax on your pension release. The tax you’ll have to pay could be as high as 55%. This is because you will have to pay charges up to 30% to the firm that completes this transaction for you.
The mode of operation of pension scammers usually is to engage the public via advisers who they believe the public can get them their desired result. They send spam messages, employ cold calling or pay heavily for Google ads. They basically promise that they can activate a pension liberation before the age of 55. Stay alert! There are no loopholes to pension liberation. Follow the due process. Anyone who suggests this is highly illegal as such does not exist!
Firms who claim to know how to release pensions (all of it) will most likely not tell you that you have the right to renege on your decision. You usually have 30 days to make up your mind. If you choose to revert your decision, contact your former pension organization to restore your pension. Although some pension firms may not approve this move. So make up your mind on time because as soon as your pension is released within a 30 day period, you will be unable to do anything and be ready to lose 55% of your funds to the taxman.
If you are deciding not to take all of your pension funds before 55, the remaining funds you will be leaving behind will most likely be invested in highly uncertain and dangerous, loose investment buildings which is usually based abroad. When this happens, you may end up losing your remaining pension totally if these investments are unsuccessful.

One of the legitimate conditions that can allow you access your pension funds is when you are terminally ill. There are other circumstances that could help you to naturally release pension early before you are 55. Do take financial advice even if you feel your circumstance is valid enough to warrant a pension release. Leaving the pension as it is could be a better choice.

• Selling your properties: Have you thought about this? You could explore this to your advantage. Look at properties that are not in use by you and sell them off to raise funds. Sometimes we harbor assets until they become liability to us. Why not raise a little fund from that to offset your debt or to pay for pending bills.
• Search for ways to borrow cheaply: Be smart when borrowing. Search for ways to borrow money at a reduced rate. This will really reduce your financial burden as interest rates could be near reasonable range.
• Take counselling on debt and get help: You are not an expert, check with a financial adviser before it becomes too late.
• What of if you live in a smaller apartment: A reduced lifestyle can be of immense help especially when in financial needs. You could try living in a smaller apartment. Interestingly, what you will find out is that your expenses will be drastically reduced as compared to living in your present apartment which consumes a lot of cash on maintenance and other things.
• Reducing your monthly payment on mortgage
• Doing a money remodeling
There you have it! Now you know any company that claims to know how to release pension early before the age of 55 and above can only be a scam. Don’t lose your money. Be wise and smart. Get informed and take advice as much as you can before authorising a pension release.

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Pension Release

Pension Release

pension release

pension release

  • Release a pension and possible £1000’s
  • Provide you with a professional service
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I wanted to wait until I'd actually got my funds before I left a review, because I was worried that it was all a bit too good to be true! I got clear plain English advice from Pension Services and they made sure I understood exactly what I was doing and the plus and minus sides of taking some money out of my pension, and they left me the space to make my own decision until I was sure.
This extra cash has helped me to pay for my son’s honeymoon and get my kitchen refitted, which was long overdue! Very happy.

Hazel Caprioni

I wanted to know the age, what to do, how it works and what else could be done. I got 25% tax free from my pension and invested the rest, thanks

Megan Joyce

Cashed a pension early and wanted and need the cash ASAP it took about 5 weeks from start to finish and the team kept me updated along the way and told me what was going each step of the way. If you need cash then this service is hugely recommended.

Mrs Grishna

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